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One. The company recruit dealers across the country, under the following conditions: 
1. Prefecture-level cities, and has regional specialty tea market, recruit exclusive agents. 
2. No pressure annual sales, only the first set Nahuo limit. 
3. Tea has many years of sales experience, and have a fixed customer base is preferred. 
4. Does not support the distribution of sales of other brands of black tea or three non-security product counterfeiting security of black tea. 
5.50 m2 or more operating space. 
Two. Policy support: 
1. Regional protection, exclusive agents, prominent competitive advantages to ensure excellent efficiency. 
2. Improve the price system. 
3. Unified store image, unified advertising information. 
4. Occasional consulting expertise and training. 
5. Professional Tea Expo participation fee support. 
6. Distributor door advertising support. 
7. Gift tea support. 
8. According to sales, a certain percentage of free distribution of promotional items. 
9. No pressure annual sales, reducing the probability of changing products.