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Hunan bamboo mountain tea industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, is a private joint-stock enterprises. In the province of Hunan provincial Party committee, the provincial government to vigorously support the Anhua tea industry policy, companies adhering to the "development of rural industries, casting a national brand"purpose, continuous integration of tea resources and high quality agricultural products, and actively explore themarket, "Zhu Shan Xi" series of products to thousands of households.

According to legend, in 298 BC, the famous patriotic poet Qu Yuan was exiled to the yuan, Xiang, Zi River, in 286 BC, autumn, arrived in Anhua, Taojiang area.

One day, the doctor bent across a stream, to a piece ofbamboo forest, far away a burst of fragrance, scenery is very charming. He saw in front of a farmhouse, to pleasedrink slobber. The owner is very warm, with tea to drink,Bi, rich aroma and incessant, slippery mouth Sheng Jinwithout bowel, taste good. Asked: "Why are the tea?" The master said: "this is their own workshop, brewed tea, alsohad not known." He was an inspirational sight: "beautifulbamboo forests, clear streams, called 'Zhu Shan Xi'!"

Therefore, "Zhu Shan Xi" hence the name.

The fragrance of the pan

Only the bamboo mountain

Zhu Shan Xi adhere to "survive by quality, to develop win-win" marketing idea, pay close attention to product quality,pay close attention to the marketing team construction, to join the chain is the mainstream mode of marketing to expand market.

Zhu Shan Xi will use the life energy and efforts,continuous innovation, for the health of all mankind, the harmonious development of civilization and the ecological environment and social contribution. And invite friends from all walks of life to join us and!

Enterprise purpose -- casting a national branddevelopment of agriculture industry

Corporate philosophy -- to the quality of survival to develop win-win

The enterprise core value -- thanksgiving offering free health